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Hear from the More Than Clients about their experience working with our team.

Heather Turpin / Licensed Real Estate Agent / Director

Lorelle has been extremely helpful and made me feel at ease when dealing with our Trust Accounting. Lorelle has really gone above and beyond and we really could not have achieved what we have without her.  Running a real estate business and keeping on top of the accounting can be very stressful at times but Lorelle always manages to help you see the light and bring some laughter to your day! I could highly recommend taking up Lorelle's services, you will never look back!

Alex Madikian/ Licensed Real Estate Agent / Principal

I would like to thank you for your ongoing support with Property Tree. Your valued help has been an incredible advantage to my business. I would also like to thank you for the complicated issues that you solved for us, quite frankly I’m not sure how I could have done so without you!

Looking forward to a long term relationship with you!

Anna G Samios/ Nobel Realtors/ Principal 

“ Lorelle is and has been such a blessing to us over the past couple of years in our boutique real estate business. From the beginning, I was so fortunate to be introduced to Lorelle as my trainer for the set up of our trust accounting program “Property Tree”.


Her initial training gave us the knowledge and confidence to implement the program with ease and her constant support made the complicated seem uncomplicated. Lorelle is unique as she not only understands everything accounting she also has intricate knowledge of all aspects of real estate. As our business grows,  we consult frequently with Lorelle for the health of our trust account, business advice and she is our first point of call for any new set up or change". 

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